February 27, 2020

How do I Know That I Have a Tax Problem?

In most cases, your will recognize that you have a tax problem when you receive a collection letter from the IRS or Georgia Department of Revenue.   Tax collection letters are computer generated and will spell out what the IRS or Georgia DOR  claims that you owe.

Tax problem arise from many causes. Some of the main sources of tax problems include:

  • failure to file your tax return or late filing of tax return;
  • failure to report income properly
  • improper deductions shown on your tax return
  • personal liability for small business payroll tax obligations

If you know that you have a potential tax problem, it is always in your best interest to deal with this problem earlier rather than later.  IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue computer systems are getting more and more sophisticated and you should not depend on luck or “slipping through the cracks.”  Also, by waiting, the penalties and interest on your underlying tax obligation will grow and grow. I have seen many cases where the penalty and interest is two or three times the underlying tax obligation. Finally, when negotiating with the IRS or state of Georgia, your good faith effort in addressing your tax problems before collection starts or early in the process will usually help us work out a better deal for you.

As a tax attorney, it is much harder to deal with an emergency case where assets have been seized or levied. And remember, your conversations with an attorney are subject to the attorney-client privilege.

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Jonathan Ginsberg

Attorney at Ginsberg Law Offices
Attorney Jonathan Ginsberg helps taxpayers work out negotiated settlements of tax debt with the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue.

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