February 27, 2020

I Have Not Filed Tax Returns for Several Years – is There Hope for Me?

Yes, but you have to take action. As a general rule, the IRS looks favorably on individuals who are attempting to return to compliance with the tax system. If you are not filing tax returns, you are outside of the system and are viewed as a tax evader by the IRS.

If you have not filed returns for several years and have not yet been contacted by the IRS, I will advise you to have these returns prepared (I can refer you to a tax preparer who works on past years’ returns). Next, we will calculate what you owe along with likely penalties. Finally, we will examine how the IRS will most likely respond so that we will be prepared for collection notices.

Note that if you have been employed and received a W-2 or a 1099, the IRS will most likely find you. Employers who issue you a 1099 or a W-2 also send these documents to the IRS for cross matching.

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Jonathan Ginsberg

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Attorney Jonathan Ginsberg helps taxpayers work out negotiated settlements of tax debt with the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue.

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