February 27, 2020

What do You Need from Me to Get Started

get tax problem helpAs a starting point, I will need you to complete my Tax questionnaire.  After you have completed this questionnaire, please fax, mail or deliver it to me prior to your appointment. I find that I can offer you better service if I understand what type of problem you have. Also, I would ask you to make me copies of any tax notices you may have received. If there is information missing that I need, I can advise you prior to our meeting.

I do charge a consultation fee of $250 to meet with you, review your questionnaire and discuss your options. During the course of our meeting, I will advise you in detail as to the tax problems I see and alternatives about how to solve these problems. If we both agree that my involvement makes sense, we will enter into a detailed fee agreement for services to be provided.

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Jonathan Ginsberg

Attorney at Ginsberg Law Offices
Attorney Jonathan Ginsberg helps taxpayers work out negotiated settlements of tax debt with the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue.

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